22nd December 2023

How Intralogistics Automation Enhances Your Operational Standards and Efficiency

From full integration to automated processes and smart technology, discover how intralogistics provides the optimal operational solution for your business.

If efficiency is the key and automation is the answer, then intralogistics is the ideal solution for all warehouse, manufacturing, and distribution facilities.

But in the acknowledgement of how intralogistics improves operations through automation, integration and intuitive management, we must also consider the necessary infrastructure required to make it a worthwhile investment.

Today, we discuss the incredible potential of intralogistics alongside how with cutting-edge electrical design and installation, you can enhance your business to new levels of efficiency.

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What is Intralogistics?

Intralogistics refers to the application of streamlining processes into a fully optimised, automated, and integrated management system. The various processes involve the logistics of all products, items, and data within warehouses, distribution centres and manufacturing facilities.

Essentially, intralogistics automation can enhance all aspects of your operations. From transport devices to IT systems and overall infrastructure, intralogistics manages everything within one intuitive, integrated system.

By automating processes to streamline workflow, you can enhance productivity, ensure staff safety, and increase overall profitability. In other words, intralogistics presents the perfect scenario for any business owner or operations manager looking to optimise their operational efficiency.

Titled the “fourth industrial revolution”, intralogistics sits at the heart of the latest “Industry 4.0” phenomenon. As a lucrative industry sweeping the world, the intralogistics market was valued at $43.13 billion in 2023, with predictions of reaching $115.92 billion by 2030. That’s a staggering CAGR of over 15%!

Technologies developed in the wake of Industry 4.0 have created smarter operational facilities, distinguished with automated and integrated processes. From e-commerce transforming the market with online retail sales exceeding $5.7 trillion in 2022 to automation capabilities setting new standards of operational efficiency, everything is pointing towards intralogistics.

With its superior capabilities enhancing the overall efficiency and productivity of the global supply chain, intralogistics is helping maximise the potential of this brave new dawn for production.

Types of Intralogistics Systems

The beauty of intralogistics automation is the flexibility, diversity, and adaptability it offers any operational facility, regardless of size, processes, or industry.

Some examples of intralogistics automation include:

Warehouse Management Systems

PLC programming (Programmable Logic Computer) is an intralogistics software system designed to improve warehouse management.

Regarding your intralogistics automation, PLC programming becomes the brains of the operation. As an industrialised computer tailor-made for your operations, PLC programming integrates various processes into one administrative tool.

From conveyors and assembly lines to robotics and machinery, PLC programming can control the entire system, merging multiple processes while recording data.

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

ASRS handles, stores and retrieves items inside warehouse, manufacturing and distribution facilities by integrating robotics, software, and machinery.

Available in various scales, technologies and applications, ASRS reduces storage space while improving overall operations safety and productivity.

A prime example of ASRS is the incredible AutoStore modular order fulfilment system. Through cutting-edge technology and automated robotics, AutoStore has created a space-efficient order fulfilment system unrivalled in engineering and innovation.

Conveyor Systems

Beyond order fulfilment and inventory management, intralogistics automation must also account for the transportation of items. Now a crucial component in streamlining operations, automated conveyors improve productivity and safety while integrating robotics to deliver a dynamic, adaptable, and cost-effective solution.

Automated conveyor systems come in various forms for distinct purposes, such as floor, overhead, spiral, or robotic. So, whether you require transportation or sortation capabilities from your conveyor systems, intralogistics automation can create a custom-made solution to meet your exact requirements.

The Benefits of Intralogistics Systems

What starts with a receipt and ends with delivery, the main objective of intralogistics automation is to optimise workflow at your facility.

As a fully integrated, turn-key solution, we can divide the advantages of intralogistics systems into the following categories:


From automated on-site product transportation to efficient order fulfilment and reliable distribution, the main benefit of intralogistics systems is overall efficiency.

Replacing repetitive manual duties helps eliminate time-consuming, labour-intensive tasks. Even with the best warehouse operatives, everyone needs a break with only so many working hours in the day. On the other hand, install intralogistics systems, and you have an operation that can function to optimal standards around the clock.


While the initial costs of intralogistics software and systems can prove expensive, the long-term cost-savings and overall ROI make it a worthwhile investment.

Plus, by advancing the efficiency of your operations while reducing your labour and storage costs, you will increase your overall profitability.

Stock Control

The benefits of inventory management with intralogistics will improve your overall stock control processes, as intralogistics allows you to optimise your storage levels, track your products and reduce manual inventory tasks.

Customer Satisfaction

Reducing human error with intralogistics automation satisfies your customers with improved delivery times, enhanced quality control and minimised mistakes. You can also develop stronger brand loyalty with more accurate and efficient order fulfilment results.

Staff Safety

With improved control over your operations integrated into intralogistics automation, your workers will be under less physical demand with improved on-site safety.

Whether removing the need for staff to retrieve orders from high shelf points or taking items from one destination to another, the automation of processes helps create a safer working environment.

Intralogistics and Infrastructure

Before we can install the ideal intralogistics automation at your facility, you need the necessary infrastructure in place.

Although you might have state-of-the-art warehouse management systems controlling automated, integrated conveyors and robotics, you still need a power source, or you won’t make the most of your investment. That’s why all outstanding intralogistics systems must consider their electrical infrastructure.

With electrical design and installation across main distribution, small power, and cabling, you will have the necessary platform to operate a fully integrated intralogistics system. After all, the fundamental aspect of high-quality electrical design and installation provides your intralogistics systems with a safe and reliable power source.

Essentially, without power and structure, your intralogistics won’t operate to the optimal standards.

Enhance Your Business with Intralogistics Automation

Here at Hills Electrical Group, we’ve partnered with intralogistics specialists Swisslog.

Our innovative collaboration has provided cutting-edge electrical design and installation that delivers state-of-the-art automated systems to various businesses.

For example, we produced a pioneering AutoStore modular order fulfilment system installation for STIHL in 2023, alongside the latest conveyor control system design and installation for Toolstation in 2021.

For more details about how we can fulfil your intralogistics requirements, get in touch and receive your free assessment today.

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