31st October 2023

What Makes a Hills Electrical Group Electrical Supervisor?

Discover what we expect from an electrical supervisor and why Hills Electrical Group only hires the best to ensure they maintain the highest electrical installation requirements for our business and clients.

In the dynamic and ever-evolving field of electrical installation for warehouse automation, a supervisor is the backbone of the operation.

But what exactly is a supervisor in the electrical installation industry, and what makes them an integral role in delivering our innovative, cutting-edge projects?

In this blog, we define the role of an electrical supervisor at Hills Electrical Group, and why they remain fundamental to the success and expansion of our business.

Electrical supervisor

What is an Electrical Supervisor?

In the electrical design and installation industry, a supervisor is pivotal in ensuring projects run smoothly while maintaining high working standards.

Beyond their numerous on-site responsibilities, electrical supervisors help sustain business growth with services improving operation standards through increasing efficiency and productivity while maintaining safety procedures.

Most supervisors or “leads” are defined as lower-level management positions in the workplace. But at Hills Electrical Group, we expect more from our supervisors. In return, they have the autonomy to deliver their projects to suit the dynamics of the site and the work by our company values.

What Do Electrical Supervisors Do?

The main responsibilities and skills of an electrical supervisor include the following duties:

  • Conduct pre-site assessments to plan work on-site before organising the correct materials, tools and resources.
  • Liaise with colleagues on timeframes and labour requirements before overseeing electrical work from electricians on-site.
  • Write the relevant risk assessment method statements (RAMS) and complete initial electrical site safety reports.
  • Craft site mechanical and electrical drawings to incorporate the correct layout and installation of the mechanical and electrical systems and components.
  • Issue permits to complete work while complying with regulations.
  • Issue commissioning engineers’ permits and assist with the overall commissioning phase.
  • Ensure safe working practices are implemented and procedures are satisfied.
  • Manage various administrative tasks, such as red-line drawings for as-builts, collecting electrician job sheets and NICEIC certificates are issued.

What Makes Our Electrical Supervisors Different?

At Hills Electrical, we ensure all our electrical supervisors receive the appropriate training to be qualified to deliver the following duties that go above and beyond the standard industry expectations:

1. Project Planning and Organisation

Before we get tooled up, our supervisors work closely with the project managers to create detailed plans and risk assessments, allocate resources, and set realistic timelines.

This foundational groundwork sets the stage for successful project execution and provides the imperative first step in ensuring we deliver the highest standards in electrical installation.

2. Team Management and Leadership

We trust our supervisors with the responsibility of leading and motivating their teams. They assign tasks, provide guidance, and facilitate clear communication channels, which fosters a positive work environment and improves productivity.

Our supervisors follow a set pattern of formal communication with the team, including the Monday morning briefing, daily huddles, and the Friday morning LION (Last week. Improvements. Opportunities. Next week.) meeting.

This leadership approach ensures that everyone knows what they are supposed to achieve and can deliver their work confidently. Plus, establishing this daily healthy flow of dialogue ensures issues get raised and dealt with quickly and effectively.

3. Efficient Operations

While upkeeping quality, sustaining safety and adhering to regulations, electrical supervisors should make sure that operations run as efficiently as possible.

Supervisors help streamline resources and optimise operations on-site alongside managing equipment and materials. This efficiency translates to cost savings and improved project timelines for our clients, boosting our overall profitability and customer satisfaction.

4. Quality Assurance

Maintaining high working standards is crucial in our industry, as rework devours profit and can taint reputations.

Many clients in the electrical installation industry will remain loyal and use the same providers for any future maintenance jobs or repair issues. Therefore, getting the job right the first time by meeting high-quality standards is essential to establish the right impression and nurture healthy client relationships.

Supervisors must train their teams in any new or innovative installation techniques while conducting regular inspections to ensure that all work meets or exceeds industry expectations and standards.

5. Safety and Compliance

Safety is paramount in electrical installation. Supervisors enforce strict adherence to safety protocols and regulations. They oversee the implementation of safety measures, conduct safety training, and address any on-site hazards promptly.

6. Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution

Challenges inevitably arise during projects, especially large-scale jobs that involve multiple teams. Problem-solving becomes paramount for the job. A skilled supervisor can excel at finding operational solutions alongside unfortunate conflict resolutions.

Identifying issues, analysing potential solutions, and implementing permanent corrective actions are requirements good electrical supervisors can adapt to and react accordingly with the correct actions and decision-making.

7. Stakeholder Management

A supervisor is often the primary point of contact for clients during a project. Therefore, our supervisors are ambassadors for Hills Electrical Group and are empowered to make decisions in response to changing client requirements or changing dependencies on other contractors on site.

Keeping the client informed becomes an essential aspect of our client relations through honest and clear communication. Our supervisors achieve this by issuing change request notices and summarising progress through their weekly reports while stating what will be achieved the following week.

Why We Invest in Our Electrical Supervisor Specialists

Hills Electrical Group supervisors are the driving force behind our success and growth. With their expertise, skills and leadership, each supervisor is pivotal in helping us maintain high standards, deliver five-star client satisfaction, and enhance our reputation as an industry leader in the warehouse automation industry.

At Hills Electrical, we’re always searching for more electrical supervisors to help deliver these high standards that keep forward-thinking businesses moving in the right direction and enable our electrical installation business to keep expanding.

If you’re interested in the prospect of becoming a specialist electrical supervisor with us, send your CV to info@hillsgroupuk.com with a brief personal statement.

We look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date with the latest industry updates and insights.

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