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What are the benefits of automating my distribution centre?

In the dynamic landscape of the evolving retail industry, distribution centres encounter a growing array of challenges that jeopardise their operational efficiency and ability to satisfy customer expectations.

These challenges encompass labor shortages, escalating costs, and insufficient capacity to handle rising order volumes. Embracing automation for your distribution centre offers a multitude of advantages that can enhance efficiency, drive cost savings, and bolster flexibility and capacity to respond to market demands.

By automating key processes such as order fulfilment, inventory management, and logistics, distribution centres can optimise operations, streamline workflows, and achieve greater scalability. This not only enables them to meet current market demands but also positions them to adapt swiftly to future growth and evolving customer preferences. Automation empowers distribution centres to thrive in a competitive landscape by maximising productivity and minimising operational challenges.

We offer solutions for:

  • Automation Systems
  • Micro Fulfilment Systems
  • Materials Handling Systems
  • Power Distribution
  • Space Optimisation

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Unlock Competitive Advantages with Automation: Deliver Faster, More Accurate and Cost-effective Services.

Increase Efficiency

Automation reduces manual handling and speeds up various processes, leading to faster order fulfilment and shipment processing. Automated systems can operate 24/7, improving overall throughput and allowing for continuous, non-stop operations.

These systems come into their own when they are deployed in a refrigerated distribution centre as they eliminate the need for people to work in very cold and hazardous conditions. Automation streamlines order processing, reducing lead times and improving the speed of order fulfilment. Faster order fulfilment contributes to improved customer satisfaction and potentially higher order volumes.

Reduce Costs

Automation can replace repetitive and labour-intensive tasks, reducing the need for a large workforce and reducing labour costs. Staff can be redirected to more skilled and value-added tasks, improving workforce utilisation and employee satisfaction.

Automated systems are capable of high precision and consistency, reducing the likelihood of errors in order picking, packing, and shipping. Enhanced accuracy leads to a reduction in order discrepancies and returns, significantly reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction. Whilst automation may require a significant initial investment, it will deliver long-term cost savings through reduced labour costs, improved efficiency, fewer operational errors and improved capacity utilisation.

Optimise Capacity & Inventory Management

Automated storage and retrieval systems optimise the use of available space by maximising vertical storage and minimising aisle space. Efficient space utilisation can lead to cost savings by reducing the need for larger facilities.

Automated systems can easily scale to handle increased order volumes during peak seasons or periods of high demand. The flexibility of automation allows distribution centres to adapt quickly to fluctuations in market demand.

Automated systems have advanced tracking and monitoring capabilities, providing real-time visibility into inventory levels, order status, and overall warehouse operations. Enhanced traceability helps in quickly identifying and resolving issues, leading to better inventory management.

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