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Conveyor Control System Design & Installation

Hills Electrical installed the conveyor control system 500-meter, three-floor high conveyor system, complete with four spiral conveyors, six cranes and shelving crates.

Toolstation provides high-quality tools, accessories and building supplies in the UK and is one of the fastest-growing businesses in Europe, with 563 stores and over 5,500 employees.

Taking the last plot at Prologis Park Pineham in Northampton in 2021, Toolsation was looking to utilise the power of the e-commerce industry by securing a new 500,000 ft2 distribution centre to meet new customer demands across digital and in-branch customer services.

To enhance the distribution operation of the site, Toolstation required a large-scale, cutting-edge conveyor system.

That’s where we came in. Swisslog contacted Hills Electrical Group to fulfil this requirement based on our reputation, reliability, and innovative electrical installation and design prowess.

Read on to discover how we completed this industrial-scale project within an impressive 600-man-day timeframe.

Conveyor Control System Design & Installation
Conveyor design - Hills Electrical Group
Conveyor design - Hills Electrical Group
Conveyor design - Hills Electrical Group
Conveyor design - Hills Electrical Group
Conveyor design - Hills Electrical Group
Conveyor design - Hills Electrical Group

For Toolstation New 47,000 sqm distribution centre Hills Electrical group and Swisslog Controls team and site management team implemented a new concept conveyor control system for around 900m of linear and spiral conveyors and 6 Tornado cranes. The work was delivered to specification, on time allowing Toolstation to open the new distribution centre on schedule and creating 250 local jobs. Senior GC Project Manager Luke Jefferies – Swisslog UK


The vital first step relied on working closely with the client to get the design correct without fail. This expectation meant the team had to deliver a pre-site assessment to take accurate measurements and establish the general logistics.

All in all, the impressive structure of the conveyor system included four spiral conveyors and six tornado cranes across 72-meter-long, 24-meter-tall serving racks. The installation involved a new control system developed by Swisslog alongside the containment, wiring, safety system components, final connections, testing and commissioning.

Our team completed the state-of-the-art conveyor system design and installation, covering over 500 meters of space over three floors.

Conveyor design - Hills Electrical Group


We were delighted to deliver this colossal, challenging, and complex project on time and within budget. The distribution centre opened its doors in 2023, creating 250 jobs for the local community.

Working within state-of-the-art conditions, the automated distribution centre provides employees with advanced operations in fulfilling direct customer orders more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

Alongside improving working conditions with productivity and safety, the conveyor system also increased customer satisfaction by delivering products faster.

Taking pride in our electrical design and installation expertise since 2007, every commercial electrician we employ is NICEIC approved and trained across the spectrum of necessary and advanced electrical disciplines.

Only through our training and innovative electrical approach can we manage these momentous industrial-scale projects knowing our quality, reliability, and professionalism will provide solutions. Toolstation is another example of where we can help streamline processes, improve customer satisfaction, boost productivity and keep businesses moving forward with smart automation systems and controls.

Get in touch to learn how you can benefit from our innovative automation control solutions.

Conveyor design - Hills Electrical Group

What Our Team Provided

Conveyor Control System Design & Installation
500-meter, three floor high conveyor system
Four Spiral Conveyors
Six cranes and shelving crates
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