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At Hills Electrical Group, we provide innovative bespoke spiral conveyor systems made to help your business save space and cut costs.

With a compact design connecting ground-level systems to those above, spiral conveyors are the ultimate space-saving solution. Proving particularly popular for those within the manufacturing and eCommerce industries, these solutions can gently transport fragile goods – no matter how big or small.

Our expert engineers custom-build every spiral conveyor to meet the needs of your factory, ensuring products can move faster and in greater volumes to help productivity skyrocket.

Working with Hills Electrical Group has been a real pleasure and I would like to personally thank every person within their hard-working team for doing...

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What is a spiral conveyor?

A spiral conveyor takes on the shape of a spiral staircase. Yet, as opposed to steps, a spiral conveyor belt is used to carefully carry products up and down.

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A spiral conveyor helps businesses better utilises the available space within their existing building by expanding vertically instead.

This innovative space-saving solution can help warehouses and factories expand operations without needing to relocate to a bigger facility.

With multiple tiers, lanes and chain widths, spiral conveyor designs are flexible and can be custom-built to meet all warehouse shapes and sizes. So, no matter if they gently carry fragile goods or robustly transport bulk products on-masse, spiral conveyors are a practical solution for escalating cargo.

Spiral conveyors are used across multiple industries, with increasingly sophisticated models being installed. Some are dry and cool, while others have numerous entry points to connect complex material handling systems.

A spiral conveyor shouldn’t be mistaken with a screw conveyor. For help distinguishing between the two, read our specialist blog:  What’s the difference between a screw conveyor and a spiral conveyor?

With many years of experience in implementing spiral conveyors, Hills Electrical Group has successfully designed, created and installed control systems for various models.

After a thorough examination of the workspace, we will advise on which of the following types of spiral conveyors is best for your business.

Working with Hills Electrical Group has been a real pleasure and I would like to personally thank every person within their hard-working team for doing...


Floor-mounted Conveyors

Robotic Conveyor System

Incline & Decline Conveyors

Screw Conveyor Systems

Overhead Conveyor System

Types of spiral conveyors

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A Conventional Spiral Conveyor

A spiral conveyor will either move a product up or down, in a coiling fashion. However, tracks can be narrow or wide and the capacity high or low. The solution will likely run on a belt, although chutes and spiral conveyor rollers are sometimes used in cheaper solutions, designed only to move products downwards.

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Dual Track Spiral Conveyor

These conveyors simultaneously transport goods up and down at the same time through a two-track system. It doesn’t require two separate solutions, making it a space-saver and a brilliant way to increase energy efficiency.

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Multiple Entry Spiral Conveyor

Spiral conveyors often connect one overhead system with another at a lower level. Although, this solution connects multiple material handling systems, pushing them all down one route. As a result, these have proven particularly beneficial in streamlining production and packaging processes.

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Spiral Vibratory Conveyor

This beltless spiral conveyor uses a motor to move materials in a circular motion. In doing so, the entire conveyor shakes, helping to dry and cool products as they move up the system. A spiral vibratory conveyor system is easy to clean and are particularly popular within food processing factories.

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Live Drum Spiral Conveyor

Using a plastic belt chain, a live drum conveyor curves around a central cylinder, allowing for incredible flexibility, low-belt tension and more tiers. With more tiers, this spiral conveyor can carry a greater volume of products, at any given time.

Interested in bringing each of these brilliant benefits into your facility? Then get in touch with Hills Electrical.

As a UK specialist, our tailor-made solutions could be just the ticket.
Not only are our Control System prices extremely competitive, but we will fully inspect your environment to ensure that our solution delivers the extra efficiency that you crave.

Plus, with over fourteen years of experience in the field, very few overhead conveyor manufacturers have the same experience designing and implementing these solutions.

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Screw conveyor advantages

Connects systems on different levels
Increases warehouse efficiency
Saves space with a compact design
Carries cargo at varying rates
Brings great flexibility with variable widths, tiers and tracks
Prevents employees from manually lifting products
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