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At Hills Electrical, we know our conveyor systems. From screw to spiral, roller to robot, we’ve implemented many state-of-the-art solutions. Overhead conveyors are no exception.

Overhead conveyor systems are the ideal solution, maximising floor space, improving productivity and lowering operating costs in warehouse and factory environments.

After initially assessing your workspace, our team will design and install bespoke overhead conveyor rail and track solutions. No specification is too big or small for our expert team.

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What is an overhead conveyor?

As the name suggests, an overhead conveyor is a material handling system that transports products above ground level. Being positioned up high, these systems evade all ground-level obstructions, following a continuous path that can move up, down or side-to-side.

Overhead Conveyor System - Hills Electrical Group

With such flexibility, overhead conveyor solutions enable facilities to function at their full potential.

Contrary to belief, the overhead conveyor design is not as complicated as you may think. Most commonly, they function through the movement of a chain, from which overhead conveyor trolleys hang, holding individual products.

This feature of an overhead conveyor makes them perfect for transporting fragile goods that would usually get damaged on traditional conveyor belts. They’re popular solutions in industries such as machinery, textiles and packaging. Yet, the technology does not limit itself to these sectors alone. Overhead conveyor models come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

As an acclaimed overhead conveyor company, Hills Electrical Group is skilled in implementing an array of conveyor solutions. While there are many possible variations available to the design, function and power of industrial overhead conveyor systems, here is a simple summary of how they work.

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Overhead conveyor enclosed track

This overhead conveyor system uses a moving chain to transport materials. However, the chain is hidden (or enclosed). The system is very safe, low-maintenance and cost-effective. A classic use case would be for painting lines.

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Overhead conveyor beam monorail

Often used in assembly lines, this system uses trolleys to grip goods as they follow an overhead conveyor track. These trolleys come with custom-made attachments to suspend products, as they’re synchronously pulled along a monorail system at the same speed.

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Overhead conveyor power and free

Sometimes called “asynchronous conveyors”, products move along the line at varying speeds, even changing different paths (if needed). This functionality enables facilities to route and reroute products. Again, this uses a chain system, but it has two tracks. The upper track is where the chain moves, while the lower track carries trolleys. A load bar comes in between, ensuring that products don’t touch one another.

Could a custom-designed overhead conveyor increase efficiency and cut costs within your operation?

Get in touch with Hills Electrical Group to find out. We’d be delighted to answer any of your queries. As a leading overhead conveyor systems UK manufacturer, we design space-saving solutions that transform productivity and keep your precious cargo safe and secure.

Plus, with over ten years of experience in the field, very few overhead conveyor manufacturers have the same experience designing and implementing these solutions.

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The biggest benefits of overhead conveyors

The ultimate space-saving system
Carries large cargo gently
Custom-built for specific goods
Minimises operational costs
Moves products in multiple directions
Holds heavy products safe and secure
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