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Hills Electrical install state-of-the-art robotic conveyor systems to help businesses automate the production line, maximise efficiency and cut costs.

Robotic conveyor systems are pushing the boundaries of manufacturing. Both robotics and conveyor systems work together to produce accurate and efficient results with a high return on investment.

At Hills Electrical, we provide state-of-the-art robotic conveyor systems that handle various production requirements within different operating environments. As a leading conveyor systems provider in the UK, we specialise in creating custom-built solutions to suit your facility and production demands. We can lead your business to achieve its operational needs with ease, dedication, and higher production rates.

The robotic painting system Hills Electrical Group installed and programmed has been an absolute triumph. Within the first quarter, our production line saw significant improvements...

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What is a robotic conveyor system?

Robotic conveyor systems are two separate mechanisms working together through one automated system.

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A common example of this is a robot conveyor belt, which combines robotic systems with a conveyor belt.

Both systems unite to produce accurate, efficient, and reliable results for production and manufacturing purposes.

The robotic system has revolutionised the manufacturing industry, enabling it to produce top quality products efficiently, accurately, and consistently.
There are two common types of robotic systems used in the manufacturing and production industries. The manipulation robotic system and the mobile robotic system. Over the years, we’ve installed various solutions which have increased productivity and improved production quality, including a robotic paint system.

A conveyor system advances production by transporting various objects of all weights, shapes, and sizes from one operating stage to another.

All types of conveyors have specialised strengths and operational purposes, depending on the requirements of the production or environment.

A robotic conveyor system unites the advantages of both these systems to create the most productive, accurate and reliable results. Every solution can be custom-built to accommodate all types of operating purposes and manufacturing environments, such as robotic arm conveyor belts.

Integrating robotic conveyor systems

At Hills Electrical Group, we understand that time is money. Our team can work at a time that suits you best to ensure downtime is minimised.

The process of integration unites robotics with conveyor systems into a seamless single production system. Installing integrated robotic conveyor systems will lower costs, improve product quality, reduce production time, and enable your best workers to focus their efforts on other areas.

Integration is simple through easy programming and compatible conveyor system technology. Our team maintain the entire process to advance your production demands without the need for delay.

The biggest benefits of robotic conveyor systems

    • Leveraging two innovative systems into one operating unit
    • High return on investment
    • Top-quality production results
    • Efficient, accurate and consistent production
    • Reduce labour costs
    • Minimise human error and workplace injuries

As a UK specialist in robotic conveyor systems, you can trust us with your investment. Our solutions and services are first-class. We supply custom-built robotic conveyors that will advance your operations no matter the specifications, from robot arm conveyor belts to automated robot paint systems

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There are various types of conveyor systems available, including:

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Overhead Conveyors
Screw Conveyors
Spiral Conveyors
Roller Conveyors
Belt Conveyors

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