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Automotive paint mixing rooms - Hills electrical Group

How Automotive Paint Mixing Rooms Can Revolutionise Your Manufacturing Process

30th April 2024

Discover how installing a custom automotive paint mixing room can enhance your car manufacturing operations to new levels of efficiency, precision, and safety.

Industrial control systems - Hills Electrical Group

Industrial Control Systems: The Gateway to Industry 4.0

23rd March 2024

Discover how industrial control systems can increase your productivity and profits by integrating, monitoring, and managing your operations with precision.

Industrial control panels - Hills Electrical Group

How Control Panels Optimise Your Process Control in the Food and Beverages Industry

19th February 2024

Discover how industrial control panels provide seamless and efficient process control in the food industry for your manufacturing/production requirements.

Warehouse of the future - Hills Electrical Group

What Does the Warehouse of the Future Look Like?

28th January 2024

This is the future of warehouse automation. Discover the latest technology used in warehouse operations and the planning trends you need to stay ahead in 2024.

Intralogistics - Hills Electrical group

How Intralogistics Automation Enhances Your Operational Standards and Efficiency

22nd December 2023

From full integration to automated processes and smart technology, discover how intralogistics provides the optimal operational solution for your business.

Order fulfilment system - Hills Electrical Group

How We Helped Deliver the Next Innovation in Order Fulfilment System Technology

20th November 2023

Explore the incredible automated order fulfilment system we helped establish for STIHL within their headquarters and warehouse facility in Camberley.

Electrical supervisor - Hills Electrical Group

What Makes a Hills Electrical Group Electrical Supervisor?

31st October 2023

Discover what we expect from an electrical supervisor and why Hills Electrical Group only hires the best to ensure they maintain the highest electrical installation requirements for our business and clients.

What is a Conveyor System?

What is a Conveyor System? (And Why You Should Invest)

30th September 2023

Discover why conveyor systems remain a hallmark for automated material handling operations across multiple industries, with definitions, benefits, and types.

What is warehouse automation

What is Warehouse Automation?

19th June 2023

Learn why innovative warehouse automation solutions are the way forward for your business operations with nine benefits and expert insights for each process.

Automated packaging systems - Hills Electrical Group

Automated Packaging Systems: How Conveyors Improve Packaging Processes

22nd April 2023

Discover how you can enhance the profitability of automated packaging systems and streamline processes with the addition of a packaging conveyor.

Recycling Automation - Hills Electrical Group

What Makes a “Mean Green” Automated Recycling Machine?

15th March 2023

Discover how modern automated recycling machines streamline the recycling process with high-tech sortation operations.

Electrical installation - hills electrical group

How do Professional Electrical Installation Services Work

26th January 2023

Looking to enhance the power supply for your business? Discover the vital requirements, guidelines, and processes for professional electrical installations.


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