28th January 2024

What Does the Warehouse of the Future Look Like?

This is the future of warehouse automation. Discover the latest technology used in warehouse operations and the planning trends you need to stay forward-thinking in 2024.

In the ever-evolving ascent of warehouse innovations, technology and automation continue to rise, improving our facilities with safer conditions, enhancing our operations with greater productivity and benefiting our businesses with higher profitability.

In light of this technological revolution, 80% of organisations now plan to invest in new technologies to remain competitive, with 27% aiming to implement complete automation by 2024.

But what are these new technologies that define a warehouse of the future?

And to the point, can these modern solutions benefit your business?

In this piece, we discuss the latest warehouse innovations with what technology and planning trends you need for 2024.

Warehouse of the future - Hills Electrical Group


The Future of Warehouse Automation

If increasing productivity is the question on every warehouse manager, operations director and business owner’s lips, then automation seems the only answer.

Automation remains at the centre of the latest technology used in warehouse operations. In increasing efficiency, improving accuracy and reducing labour costs, automation provides a safer and more productive solution, suiting all facilities and industries.

The rise in the e-commerce sector over recent years has directly influenced warehouse automation to accelerate in an industry worth $3,567 billion in 2024.

From 80% of warehouses in 2021 having no automation whatsoever. Three years on, now you can expect most warehouses to utilise automation on some level across their logistics, processes and data gathering.

So, what does a warehouse of the future encompass?

If anything, expect automation integrated into various operational processes, logistics and overall management.

With an understanding of the scale and importance of upgrading our warehouse facilities, it’s time to look at the top five trends heading our way in 2024:

No warehouse of the future can function without coherent organisation.

With one warehouse management system (WMS), you can organise all your processes and information cohesively, helping you operate effectively and fulfil your production objectives.

The basics of WMS begin with inventory management, such as “throughout” and stock location. This method advances to monitoring stock and labour spent on activities to highlight areas where you can improve productivity.

Finally, you can enhance your WMS within an integrated system that considers other factors such as manufacturing needs, customer orders and transportation.

Without a WMS in 2024, your warehouse will lack the capacity to monitor stock efficiently and track order processing alongside general logistic management.

The latest WMS utilise automated analytics with user-friendly mobile access capabilities that reveal real-time analysis, helping you optimise storage and automate your workflow.

One example of a WMS is PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Programming. Working as an industrial computer that receives data through inputs and sends operating instructions, your PLC can integrate your processes within one functional management system.

The rise of the e-commerce market has helped revolutionise order fulfilment into new realms of efficiency and innovation.

While order fulfilment involves receiving goods, storage, order processing and delivery on a basis, automated order fulfilment in 2024 involves replenishment, tracking, order and inventory synchronisation alongside multi-channel inventory management.

For example, AutoStore storage systems have redefined order fulfilment with the latest innovations in technology and logistics.

With a management system enabling you to master logistics and processes while collecting data, how about improving your operations with the latest technology used in warehouse robotics?

After all, no warehouse of the future is complete without advanced automated robotics.

Of all the latest warehouse innovations, you can expect to see the following robotics take centre stage in 2024:

While warehouse robotics is no ground-breaking revelation in 2024, the advances in automation and safety will enable robotics to function in more operational areas. From picking items for transportation to sortation and packaging, the border between robots and workers has become less separated and more collaborative in 2024.

Conveyor systems have come a long way since their invention at the end of the 19th century. With automated capabilities, while upgrading with robotics for sortation, manufacturing or other production purposes, modern conveyors provide speed, safety, and adaptability to suit fast-paced, highly-pressured environments.

If your warehouse operations have product or item transportation needs with additional material handling like packaging or sortation, advanced conveyor systems provide an efficient, cost-effective and safe solution at your facility.

From spiral to overhead, robotic to screw, conveyors come in various sizes and styles and can be customised to the exact requirements of your warehouse of the future.

Similar to automation as a general, all-encompassing term that combines various elements of your warehouse operations, we also have the next level of warehouse innovations in the form of intralogistics.

Intralogistics improve your operational standards and efficiency by streamlining your processes into a fully optimised, automated and integrated system.

Optimising efficiency and minimising overall expenses necessitates integrating automated capabilities by combining various aspects into one cohesive and seamless workflow. Intralogistics gives your warehouse this capability to ensure you can reach your operational objectives for 2024.

Bring Your Business into the Future with Enhanced Warehouse Automation

At Hills Electrical, we can provide your business with the latest innovations today to shape your warehouse of the future.

From enhanced automation and intralogistics to robotics and conveyors, we take your exact requirements into our electrical design and installation services to provide more efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective operational standards.

To learn more about how we can help you achieve your 2024 objectives with the latest automation, logistics and technology, get in touch and receive your free quote today.

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