12th February 2020

What is Mains Distribution?

What is Mains Distribution?

At Hills Electrical, we provide first-class mains distribution installation. However, if you’re new to the concept and/or unsure of its many benefits, we suggest you read this guide.

Before delving into the benefits of mains distribution, let’s explore what it is.

In layman’s terms, our mains distribution services involve the installation and replacement of single-phase and three-phase distribution boards, which are at the heart of the electrical system that distributes electricity throughout a building.

For protection, every electrical circuit needs circuit breakers and residual current devices in case there’s a fault. All of these elements can be found in power distribution panels and boards which make up the mains distribution.

What’s the difference between mains and sub-mains?

If you’re not sure what the difference between mains and sub-mains is, you’re not alone.

Mains distribution refers to the electrical supply coming from a nearby power station to your building. The current flows in one direction and then back continuously, entering via the live wire.

In contrast, a sub-mains circuit is a circuit that comes directly from the main low voltage switchboard to the sub-main distribution panel.

They’re generally used at the point where a large distribution cable ends to form a series of sub circuits, feeding off the mains distribution source. In other words, it plays a similar role to an extension cable in a house.

To benefit from the efficiency of installing sub-mains, you need to think about the quality of your mains distribution first.

The benefits of investing in quality mains distribution installation

As we demonstrated in our recent work with a leading motorcycle manufacturer, we were able to streamline processes and enhance their mains distribution with new supplies, panel boards and distribution boards.

Removing any breakages or ineffective wiring also helps to make a facility energy-efficient too, with the adequate amount of power dispersed to any machinery or equipment on-site without wastage.

Three-phase power is particularly useful for factories and businesses with an abundance of tech, as it’s able to deliver three alternating currents through the same circuit which perfectly separated in phases.

So, for every one-third of a cycle, one of the three waves will reach peak voltage. However, there are two other cycles able to keep the power supplied by the circuit consistent – which is imperative in reducing downtime.

How can we help?

For the past 12 years, we’ve provided top electrical services, including mains distribution installation to businesses in the West Midlands and the rest of the UK.

Whether you need single or three-phase mains distribution services in a school, office or factory, our highly experienced engineers can work with an array of different equipment to seamlessly upgrade or change your current system.

Every job will be carried out to the highest of standards, ensuring your mains distribution installation is certified under the NICEIC Certification Scheme for complete peace of mind.

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