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Robot technology designed to help businesses solve complex processes effortlessly and optimise output on the production line.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is enabling businesses to automate the way they work, utilise what they have and accelerate growth. At the heart of it is robot technology. For years, manufacturing facility factory automation has been limited – often relying on recruiting extra employees to keep up with growing demands.

However, our robot technology is specifically engineered with your needs in mind. Drawing upon the very best of machine learning and computer science, we’re able to install robots that allow you to speed up the production line, cut out human error and preserve the minds of your employees for other important tasks.

Working with Hills Electrical Group was a game-changer for our business. Their team of NICEIC approved commercial electricians delivered exceptional results with precision and expertise....

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Why you should invest in Robotics?

Whether you’re operating in the automotive, food, environmental, marine, aerospace or technology sectors, we’ll use our knowledge of artificial intelligence and warehouse automation to design a bespoke robot solution for you.

Robotics vs automation – what’s the difference? - Hills Electrical Group

What kind of robotics systems can you install?

We install the following robotic systems Siemens (PLC, HMI, Drives, Scada, PCS7), Rockwell Automation (PLC, HMI, Drives, SCADA),
Mitsubishi Automation (PLC, HMI, Drives, SCADA) and Omron Automation (PLC, HMI, Drives)

PLC Programming Siemens - Hills Electrical Group
PLC Programming Mitsubishi - Hills Electrical Group
Rockwell Automation - Hills Electrical Group
Omron - Hills Electrical Group

What kind of robotics systems can you install?

We can provide fully automated robotic finishing systems, including the following:

  • Painting, De-Ionisation, CO2 Cleaning
  • Precision Control of Spray Patterns, Fluid Flow Rates and Application
  • Advanced off-line Programming and Visualisation Software
  • Full Integration with Conveyor Systems

As a business, we’re committed to providing only industry-leading robotic automation systems and complete integrated solutions to give you the results you want.

No exceptions, our team of electricians and mechanics will provide an excellent service and will continue to do so in the rare event of a breakdown. Your business matters to us.

Want to learn more about robots and automated technology? Then get in touch with us today.

Features & Benefits

Complete turnkey solution
Leading robot technology and artificial intelligence
Automate and streamline your production line
In-house training of all technologies
Cut out headcount recruitment costs
Ongoing support and regular services
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