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Mains Distribution & Control System Installation

Hills Electrical was selected by industry-leading manufacturers Caterpillar (Desford) to deliver a complete turnkey package for an essential mains distribution and paint shop control system installation.

The ideal operational environment requires optimal electrical capacity alongside maximum safety. As experienced NICEIC-approved electrical contractors, we’re specialists at installing mains distribution networks alongside other terminals, bonding, panel boards and switchboard solutions.

For this specialist project, we were entrusted by the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, Caterpillar, to design, supply and install a mains distribution and control system installation at the Desford paint shop facility (UK).

Mains Distribution & Control System
Mains Distribution & Control System Installation - hills electrical group
Mains Distribution & Control System Installation - hills electrical group
Mains Distribution & Control System Installation - hills electrical group
Mains Distribution & Control System Installation - hills electrical group
Mains Distribution & Control System Installation - hills electrical group

Not only did Hills Electrical meet our essential mains distribution and control system requirements for the paint shop, but they also exceeded our expectations by completing the project way before schedule. While working flexibly to avoid any downtime impacting our day-to-day business, they delivered an overall top-class service.

The project’s success depended on the expert installation of various advanced electrical components to support high-powered mains distribution and integrated control systems.

Distributing power safely, efficiently, and to optimum capacity requires careful planning, specialist skills, and industry expertise throughout every stage of the project.

After a pre-site evaluation and clear correspondence with our client, we began planning how to deliver our main distribution solution across the paint shop, feeding power to both the ovens and a powder coating line.

We would need to utilise our experienced engineers to install armoured cabling around the site’s perimeter. During our main distribution installation process, we planned to design and complete a comprehensive automation system for the entire paint shop.

However, downtime can be catastrophic to profits and productivity for an industry-leading manufacturer like Caterpillar. That’s why we knew we had to create an implementation plan that caused little to no disruptions to day-to-day operations.

control panel installation - hills electrical group


Due to the critical importance and necessity to complete this job quickly while causing minimal disruption to our client’s operations, we carried out the project over multiple phases, including Christmas and summer shutdowns.

After thorough project planning, the initial part of the package required us to deliver the mains distribution across the paint shop via crane.

To minimise disruptions to business operations, we had to carefully consider how we installed the distribution of power that would feed two new control panels for the oven and powder coating line.

Following a successful strategy to provide further flexibility for our client, we delivered:

  • The installation of an 11kv transformer
  • The installation of two main ring units
  • The installation of a 2500amp LV suite
  • The overall design and installation of power distribution for 2000amps

Installing the various electrical components safely and expertly required our experienced engineers to fit armoured cabling throughout the site. This ensured the mains distribution and control system installations were well-protected and functionally reliable.

During the installation phases, we were also busy in the background designing an entire automation system for the paint shop to enhance the overall productivity and safety of the site.


Due to our team’s dedication and operational flexibility, we completed the project before the deadline, much to our client’s convenience.

At Hills Electrical, our mission is to help keep forward-thinking brands like Caterpillar moving in the right direction.

The state-of-the-art mains distribution and control system solutions ensured Caterpillar’s production performance stayed at the highest standard.

While our first-class service and overall flexibility guaranteed no downtime occurred during their essential business operations.

With a dedicated team of experienced and skilled engineers completing the work before and during Christmas and summer shutdowns, we could fast-track the completion of both control systems and mains distribution and provide a foolproof design for future automation solutions.

If you’re interested in how our mains distribution or automation and control system solutions can benefit your business operations, get in touch for more details.

What Our Team Provided

State-of-the-art mains distribution
New control panels
Armoured cabling
Design and installation of power distribution for 2000amps

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