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Multi-Control Panel Installation

Hills Electrical provided a multiple control panel installation service to increase the efficiency of various rollers, spirals, line shafts and belt conveyors inside the new Rexel UK distribution centre.

Rexel UK is a leading wholesale electrical distributor that helps connect electricians, contractors and businesses with high-quality products, site supplies and overall electrical solutions. Serving its customers from a network of over 200 branches across the country, Rexel UK has an annual turnover of over £600 million.

In the spring of 2023, Rexel opened a new state-of-the-art, multi-million-pound distribution centre in Aylesbury. The size of the centre spans 184,000 sq. ft. for advanced processes of order-to-dispatch capabilities.

Rexel built and opened the centre as part of its investment strategy to help serve its customer across London, the South East and the South West of England.

To bolster the efficiency of the various roller, spiral, line shaft and belt conveyors, Rexel reached out to us here at Hills Electrical. Explore how our team took a number of months to meet their electrical requirements on this significant and high-pressure project.

Multi-Control Panel Installation
Master control panel installation - hills electrical group
Control panel installation - hills electrical group
Master control panel installation - hills electrical group
Master control panel installation - hills electrical group
Master control panel installation - hills electrical group
Master control panel installation - hills electrical group

Hills Electrical Group installed a master control panel and 23 remote control panels to improve production at a brand-new Rexel distribution centre.


We had to complete an extensive pre-site survey and risk assessment to determine the most effective strategy and electrical solution.

In light of the assessment, our client found the optimal solution was to install a master control panel and 23 remote control panels.

As an essential feature for any industrial or commercial facility, control panels maintain power, control production and direct operations while keeping people safe.

Due to the scale of operations within this new state-of-the-art distribution centre, Rexel required multiple control panels to maximise efficiency across various machinery, including roller, spiral, line shaft and belt conveyors.

With the plan in place, we went away to design, build, and test each control panel offsite at the Hills Electrical Group offices, minimising delays during construction and installation.

Next, we set about installing the master control panel and 23 other remote-control panels. This mammoth task included the installation of the containment, wiring, and safety system components before final connections and testing and commissioning took place. All-in-all, we completed the entire control panel installation in 90 days.

Master control panel installation


Precise and patient planning alongside extensive industry experience enabled us to manage this large multiple control panel installation with seamless accuracy and minimal delays.

Hills Electrical Group was delighted to deliver the multi-control panel installation solution on time and within budget. Now the new distribution centre will support Rexel and Denman’s existing 18 hubs and 284 branches nationwide.

This crucial control system installation enables Rexel to better serve its customers with improved delivery times for online and in-branch. It will also increase production and stock, so customers receive their goods faster.

As a leader in automation control, the Hills Electrical Group is proud to provide innovative electrical solutions across all our design, construction and installation services. We help businesses like Rexel streamline processes, improve customer satisfaction, and boost productivity with intelligent automation systems and controls.

Choose Hills Electrical Group for your electrical requirements and benefit from our knowledge, skills and experience while receiving a competitive price for your innovative automation control solution.

For more information about our electrical installation services, get in touch today.

What Our Team Provided

Master control panel installation
23 remote control panels
Electrical installation of the containment, wiring and safety system components
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